Vertebral Compression Fractures

Vertebral Compression Fractures

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You can't feel yourself losing bone, but you might feel a spinal fracture - the most common complication from osteoporosis.  Acute and chronic back pain are outward signs of such fractures (also knows as vertebral compression fractures or VCFs).  It may be hard to believe, but even simple activities like carrying groceries or bending over to pick up your grandchild can cause a VCF.

Your spine is stacked and structured with the precision of dominoes, allowing you to bend over and twist side to side.  And just like dominoes, one VCF can change your spine's alignment and cause other vertabrae to collapse or fracture.  Multiple fractures may lead to loss of height and curvature of the upper back called kyphosis or "dowager's hump".  Over time, kyphosis can cause your back to hunch over so badly that it reduces the space in your chest cavity, making it hard to breath and eat.  

Don't lightly dismiss new or unusual back pain as part of growing old.  Your backache could be a VCF.  Sudden and severe pain or pain that lasts more than a week should be seen by a doctor. If you are in the Midland or Odessa, TX areas and need neck pain management, back pain management, or spinal cord stimulation, then rely on The Institute Of Pain Management today!

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